UB-SEDS member featured in Buffalo News Article

UB-SEDS President Andrew Dianetti was featured in a Buffalo News article discussing the end of the shuttle program.


“But Washington’s political environment has often vilified NASA as an entity of waste.

Because of that, Andrew Dianetti, a UB junior studying aerospace and engineering, thinks the private sector needs to step up to the plate and realize the long-term advantages of going into space.

“Usually the House has one idea, the Senate has another idea, the president has another idea, and nobody can agree on anything,” said Dianetti, who is the president of UB-SEDS, a group that promotes the study of space exploration on campus. He was in Florida for the shuttle’s final launch July 8, and hopes to find a career working in the space industry.

“A perfect argument for commercial space flight,” he said, “comes when you compare what the government has been able to organize the past six or seven years — which is practically nothing — to the advancements being made by some companies,” like Boeing and Lockheed Martin.”

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