Andrew Dianetti at NASA Academy

For 10 weeks during the summer of 2012, former UB-SEDS president and current Nanosat Program Manager Andrew Dianetti participated in the NASA Aeronautics Academy at the Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, OH.

During the academy, Andrew worked with a team of two other students to characterize emerging nickel-based superalloys for use in jet turbine engines. The team focused on studying the failure of ME3, an advanced, high-strength superalloy designed to increase fuel efficiency in turbine engines. Andrew was responsible for characterizing the effect of load cycling on the relaxation of residual stresses in the alloy.

The following video from NASA summarizes this effort:

Additionally, the team of 9 Aeronautics Academy members also developed a proposal for an autonomous aerial vehicle to fly on Saturn’s moon Titan. This mission, the Propelled Instrumentation System for Titan Observational Learning, or PISTOL, would characterize the surface and atmospheric conditions of Titan from an aircraft. By carrying liquid oxygen as an oxidizer, an engine was designed that combusts the hydrocarbons in Titan’s atmosphere for power. Andrew was one of two people that designed the engine.

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