Competition Rocketry

UB-SEDS is involved in the University Student Rocketry Challenge (USRC), a rocketry competition sponsored by SEDS-USA to design, build, and launch a multi-stage high power rocket to the highest altitude. Points are awarded for the altitude reached and the number of stages. More information about the competition can be found at

Additionally, this year we intend to compete in the Intercollegiate Rocket Engineering Competitions (IREC), which is a more experimental competition that allows multistage rockets with any chemical propulsion types. In 2017, the IREC will be held at the Spaceport America Cup. To learn more, check out

To get involved in Competition Rocketry, contact Peter Wilkins at

High-Power Rocketry Certification

In addition to the competition, UB-SEDS members have the chance to earn High Power Rocketry Certification from the National Association of Rocketry (NAR). In the past year, we’ve had 8 members earn their level 1 certification and 3 earn their level 2 certification. To get involved in High-Power Rocketry, contact Peter Wilkins at


Low-Power Rocketry

Low-Power Rocketry the project group for members who are interested in building their own rocketry but are looking for a lite version of High-Power Rocketry. To get involved with Low-Power Rocketry, contact Andy Perez at

Who can join?

While the rocketry competition team is primarily aerospace, mechanical, and electrical engineers, we welcome individuals from all disciplines to help out. Rocketry team members have the chance to learn technical CAD skills, help with the rocket design in the OpenRocket software package, and have a hands-on experience building and integrating the competition rocket or their own rockets.

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