Rocketry Launch – April 2014



On Sunday, April 28, 2014, many UB-SEDS members achieved certifications with the Tripoli Rocketry Association at the URRG launch in Potter, NY.  18 UB-SEDS members were in attendance.  7 members achieved their L1 certification and 2 received their L2 certification.  Club members also launched several other rockets, including a spectacular flight of Sab’s rocket “Claudia” to finish off the day.

Congratulations to the following members who received their certifications:

Level 1:
Tristan Stoner
Mack Goodstein
Eric Borchert
Avery Bodenstein
Razmik Khachatryan
Andrew Tennenbaum
Livio Forte

Level 2:
Catie Bonga
Kristina Monakhova


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