UB-SEDS at SpaceVision 2015

This year, SpaceVision was held in Boston, Massachusetts at Boston University. We have few pictures, but they capture what our members who attended the conference enjoyed most!

The trip began very late in the day, most students already exhaust from midterms, but catching up on what sleep they could to prepare for the excitement of SpcaeVision.


Outside of the event itself, our members had a chance to explore the local area some:


As well as the local shops:


More from SpaceVision itself, our members had a chance to listen to Vlada Stamenkovic, a geoscientist and theoretical physicist who explores the fundamental principles that determine the interior and surface evolution of the Earth and other planets in our solar system and beyond, as well as connecting his planetary science results to explore how humans can create artificial habitats and a sustainable society on Earth, the Moon, and Mars. He is the Simons Origin Of Life Fellow at Caltech and JPL. Here is a moment from his talk, pictured below:



Our members also captured a moment where the SEDS-USA National Board nominees were announced:


And at the end of another day, our members enjoyed a little R&R:

20151114_174735 20151114_174603

Our members arrived safely back home, and have shared plenty of stories and other photos with members who could not attend this year to encourage them to go next year. Overall, the trip was a success and we look forward to next year.