General Meeting Notes 3/27/17

Link to notes: MeetingNotes03272017

Attention Seniors
If you would like to be a part of the SEDS-USA Alumni Association (and want a free gift from SEDS!) come see me

High Power Rocketry
Launch April 29th
Wednesdays 4pm
Mondays at 4:30pm
Look out for polls about launch
Contact Peter Wilkins at with questions

IREC Rocketry
Immediately after this meeting
Thursday 6:30pm
Contact Peter Wilkins at with questions

Low Power Rocketry
Fridays 3-6 pm
Contact Andy Perez at with questions

Contact Owen Langrehr at with questions

Educational Outreach
Science Museum event Sunday April 2 (this weekend!). More info will be sent by email.
Contact Rachel Malken at with questions

Weather Balloon
Wednesday at 5:30 pm in Furnas 1025
Contact Michael Yedinak at with questions

Meetings will be Tuesdays in Furnas 1025 from 7-8pm, starting next week (4/3)
Contact Amanda Alexander at with questions

Yuri’s Night
4/21 from 6:30 to 10:30 pm
Pearl Street Grill and Brewery downtown
Buffet style dinner, tickets on sale for $27.50 in the SBI ticket office, from March 6th-31st
Speaker: Col. Walter Gordon, ret.
Chance to dress fancy & talk space while eating great food

Other Noteworthy Things
Polo sales end Friday March 31st! Get them quick!
If interested in running for E-board and want to meet with the person currently in the position, email Tristan

Nominations for E-board are open today: Election April 3rd!
President: Zayne Sember, Gabriel Surina
Vice-President: Amanda Alexander
Treasurer: Sayre Stowell, Spencer Woodyard
Secretary: August Bartoszewicz, Basim Ahmad
Director of PR: Spencer Woodyard
Election Committee: Peter, Jacob, Dan

Space News
X-37B breaks orbit record
Stars born in the refuse of a black hole