General Meeting Notes 4/10/17

Link to notes: MeetingNotes04102017

Amendment to the Constitution
Create formal written amendment
ANY Full member (undergrad in good standing) can propose amendment
Get 10 non-E-board signatures
Separate sheet is fine
Give to any E-board member
E-board reviews, gives approval
Looks for violations of SA rules, frivolity (no ‘must serve pizza at every meeting’ amendments)
Vote next general meeting, requires ⅔ of quorum to pass
Changes must be sent to SA for approval
Vote on amendment

    • Quorum: 18
    • For: 18
    • Against: 0

Election 2017 Results
President: Zayne Sember
Vice-President: Amanda Alexander
Treasurer: Sayre Stowell
Secretary: Basim Ahmad
Director of PR: Spencer Woodyard

High Power Rocketry
Launch April 29th
Wednesdays 4pm or earlier
Mondays at 4:30pm
2pm Friday
Contact Peter Wilkins at with questions

IREC Rocketry
Immediately after this meeting
Cutting stuff out tomorrow
Thursday 6:30pm
Contact Peter Wilkins at with questions

Low Power Rocketry
Fridays 3-6 pm
April 23rd 9am-12pm launch
Contact Andy Perez at with questions

Owen has things to say (next week). Event this past Saturday. Contact Owen Langrehr at with questions

Educational Outreach
Contact Rachel Malken at with questions

Weather Balloon
Meeting immediately after this meeting.
Wednesday at 5:30 pm in Furnas 1025
Contact Michael Yedinak at with questions

Tuesdays in Furnas 1025 from 7-8pm
Contact Amanda Alexander at with questions

Yuri’s Night
4/21 from 6:30 to 10:30 pm
Pearl Street Grill and Brewery downtown
Buffet style dinner, tickets on sale for $27.50 in the SBI ticket office, from March 6th-31st
Speaker: Col. Walter Gordon, ret.
Chance to dress fancy & talk space while eating great food

March for Science
Soldier’s Circle at 1pm on April 22nd
Chris Jacobs and Brian Higgins-Great Lakes initiative
Tabling next week

Other Noteworthy Things
Yuri’s Night 4/21 6:30-10:30 pm
Bowling was last night

Space News
X-37B breaks orbit record
Stars born in the refuse of a black hole