General Meeting Notes 4/3/17

Link to notes: MeetingNotes04032017

Election 2017
Election Committee: Peter, Jacob, Dan

    • All officers shall be elected during the first full week of April.
    • An SA official must be present at elections.
    • Elected officials are elected for a term of one year, but may be re-elected to the same office or another office the following year as long as they remain eligible as Full Members.
    • Newly elected officials shall assume their positions on May 15th. Between the election and this date they must shadow the person currently holding the position to which they have been elected.
    • The date and time of elections shall be announced and advertised at least 2 weeks in advance of the election date.
    • Prior to the election an Election Committee shall be chosen by the executive board of three club members who are not running for office.  This Election Committee shall be tasked with counting votes and assuring the vote is a true representation of the clubs choice for leadership.  The Election Committee will also approve candidates based on their club involvement.  The goal of this approval is to prevent unmotivated and uninvolved members from rising to the executive board.
    • For cases of being a Full Member the definition of active in club activities will hereafter be defined by attendance and participation in at least two (2) service events per semester as well as attendance at the majority of general meetings and/or being considered active in a project group.  Whether they are active in a project group is decided by the project leader

PresidentZayne Sember, Gabriel Surina
Vice-PresidentAmanda Alexander
TreasurerSayre Stowell
SecretaryAugust Bartoszewicz, Basim Ahmad
Director of PRSpencer Woodyard

High Power Rocketry
Launch April 29th
Wednesdays 4pm or earlier
Mondays at 4:30pm
Look out for polls about launch
Contact Peter Wilkins at with questions

IREC Rocketry
Immediately after this meeting
Thursday 6:30pm
Contact Peter Wilkins at with questions

Low Power Rocketry
Fridays 3-6 pm
Contact Andy Perez at with questions

Owen has things to say! Contact Owen Langrehr at with questions

Educational Outreach
Trip yesterday! Contact Rachel Malken at with questions

Weather Balloon
Wednesday at 5:30 pm in Furnas 1025
Contact Michael Yedinak at with questions

Meetings will be Tuesdays in Furnas 1025 from 7-8pm
Contact Amanda Alexander at with questions

March for Science
Soldier’s Circle at 1pm on April 22nd

Other Noteworthy Things
Bowling event will be this Sunday, stay tuned.
Yuri’s Night 4/21 6:30-10:30 pm