General Meeting Notes 5/1/17

Link to notes: MeetingNotes05012017

Thanks to Ari and Kyra for making them possible!
If you weren’t at this meeting you can pick yours up next time

Does anyone have pictures of Col. Gordon speaking?

High Power Rocketry
Launch this past Saturday: 17 launches, 13 successful certification flights
Summer Rocketry: Let Peter know if you’re interested
Contact Peter Wilkins at with questions

IREC Rocketry
Immediately after this meeting
If you’re free, let Peter know
Initiative won’t hurt
Technical report
Contact Peter Wilkins at with questions

Low Power Rocketry
Contact Andy Perez at with questions

Keep an eye out for camping trip post-finals!
Contact Owen Langrehr at with questions

Educational Outreach
Contact Rachel Malken at with questions

Weather Balloon
Wednesday at 5:30 pm in Furnas 1025
Transmitter in progress
Contact Michael Yedinak at with questions

Tuesdays in Furnas 1025 from 7-8pm
Contact Amanda Alexander at with questions


Space News
SpaceX secret spy satellite launch this morning
Cassini’s dive through the rings of Saturn
May the Fourth be with you this Thursday!