General Meeting Notes 5/8/17

Link to notes: MeetingNotes05082017


High Power Rocketry
Summer Rocketry: Let Peter know if you’re interested
Contact Peter Wilkins at with questions

IREC Rocketry
Immediately after this meeting, in here (Furnas 206)
If you’re free, let Peter know
Initiative won’t hurt
Technical report
Contact Peter Wilkins at with questions

Low Power Rocketry
Contact Andy Perez at with questions

Keep an eye out for camping trip post-finals!
Contact Owen Langrehr at with questions

Educational Outreach
Contact Rachel Malken at with questions

Weather Balloon
Wednesday at 5 pm in Furnas 1025
Transmitter in progress
Contact Michael Yedinak at with questions

Tuesdays in Furnas 1025 from 7-8pm
Contact Amanda Alexander at with questions

Year in Review

    • First entry into IREC competition
    • 16 rocketry level certifications awarded
    • Three new project groups
    • Only frozen for two weeks!
    • New logo!
    • Planetarium trip!
    • UB-SEDS polos for the first time in years
    • Actually won a round of battlebot
    • 4th place finish in E-week, 100% event attendance!
    • Yuri’s Night featuring Col. Walter Gordon
    • Homemade rocket motors
    • Spacevision at Purdue University
    • All the pizza!
    • Bowling Night
    • Outreach featured on the Buffalo News
    • New look for the website
    • All-new E-board elected!

Have a great summer!