The University at Buffalo chapter of Students for the Exploration and Development of Space:

SEDS is an entirely student run international organization that works to promote the exploration and development of space. UB SEDS is a proud chapter of SEDS-USA. We are based at the University at Buffalo in Buffalo,NY. We are recognized by the UB Student Association which provides funding and support services for our club.

The mission of UB SEDS is to raise interest and awareness of space exploration and development. It is a connection between students of all disciplines/majors and space projects, space industries, and space careers.

It is the vision of UB SEDS to help students who are interested in space connect with careers in the space industry. SEDS members can help influence the future of space programs and ultimately affect the future of mankind.

Stated Objectives

  1. To educate students and the general public about the benefits of space exploration and development
  2. To provide students with relevant internship, research, and publication opportunities.
  3.  To encourage area youth to be excited about and get involved with space development and exploration
  4. To foster and encourage international discussion and the exchange of ideas related to the exploration and development of space by involvement in conferences and events both at home and abroad.
  5. To encourage collaboration of many fields of study to integrate a wider group of people bound for space exploration
  6. To coordinate the efforts of University at Buffalo students who are interested in supporting and promoting the aforementioned goals of this club



In order to be a member of UB SEDS you must:

  • Be a full-time student
  • Attend weekly meetings
  • Represent UB SEDS in a positive manner
  • Have a strong interest in space, space topics, or space exploration

Full Membership Guidelines (as defined in constitution)

  • Attend and participate in two (2) service events per semester
    • Service events = community service or fundraising
  • Attendance at the majority of general meetings (or) Active participation in a project group (according to project leader)


Being a full member entitles:

  • Being a part of a friendly community that enjoys discussing space topics and exploration in atmosphere that is out of this world
  • Attend SEDS national conferences at discounted prices
  • Visit numerous job fairs with representatives from the top companies in the space industry
  • Opportunities to network with leaders in the space industry, both commercial and governmental (NASA)
  • UB SEDS has national attention as one of the largest SEDS groups in the country. By joining UB SEDS you are not just joining any club, you are joining a national fraternity of fellow students sharing the same interests and aspirations that together are working towards a common goal.
  • The following is our University at Buffalo Student Association approved constitution, as of the current academic year:UBSEDS_Constitution
    As a member, please feel free to bring up any issues you see! We are a democracy.