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Yuri’s Night Banquet 2014


UB-SEDS Group Photo at Yuri’s Night



Dan Pastuf, SEDS-USA Executive Director, presenting about the future of space exploration

UB-SEDS’s hosted our annual Yuri’s Night Banquet on Saturday April 19th at the Lafayette Hotel.  During this, members came together to celebrate all of their achievements over the past year with good food, great company, and spacey music.

Dan Pastuf, the Executive Director of SEDS-USA gave a speech about the future directions of the space industry and what we as students can do to make a difference.

The night was part of a larger worldwide space celebration in honor of Yuri Gagarin, the first man in space.


UB SEDS members at Yuri’s Night

Special thanks to Catie Bonga, UB-SEDS Secretary for all her hard word putting this event together and to everyone else who helped plan this event and make it great.  The night was a toast to Yuri, to space, and to UB-SEDS for many years to come.

UB student spends summer at NASA Robotics Academy

Kristina Monakhova, UB-SEDS Vice President for the 2013-2014 academic year, spent the summer at the Marshall Space Flight Center as part of the NASA Robotics Academy.  Kristina was one of 12 students across the country to participate in the Robotics Academy and had the chance to work on a robotic satellite servicing demonstration in Marshall’s Flight Robotics Laboratory.  Outside of research, the NASA Academies provide leadership development activities and expose students to the core objectives and drives of NASA.  Throughout her summer, Kristina had the chance to see a J2-X Rocket Engine Test at the Stennis Space Center, go skydiving, see a rocket launch at the Kennedy Space Center, and tour various Aerospace companies, such as ULA.

Kristina worked on developing a glove controller for an 11 degree of freedom human-like robotic arm which was used for robotic satellite servicing demonstrations.  Kristina’s team won 1st place in NASA Marshall’s intern poster contest and Kristina went on to win 2nd place in MathWork’s Simulink Student Challenge for her research.  Check out the video here.


Check out Kristina’s website and blog for more info on her research and experiences at Marshall: