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UB-SEDS Astronomy event RECAP – April 1st 2010

Hello everyone,


The following pictures are from UB-SEDS Astronomy Project Group’s first event in 3 weeks. On a warm Thursday night, we were able to see Mars and the Moon along with many other stars through our new Celestron C10-NGT telescope. The event lasted 2 hours, starting from 10:00pm till around midnight. We had a great turnout on a great observing night. Anywhere from 35 to 40 people showed up and looked through the telescope as they marveled at the sight of the Red Planet. If you are interested in being a part of future events, simply send an e-mail to with “ASTRONOMY” in the subject line.


Thanks and Clear Skies!




Astronomy 2010

Hello everyone,

This is a brand new year and the Astronomy Project Group would like to start it off right. So far, we have done so, with the purchase of our new telescope, a Celestron NGT-10 and a CCD imaging camera for astrophotography… with a set of color filters. Our thanks goes to the Student Association, the New and Innovative Grant Committee and the Sub-Board Grant Committee for looking over our proposals and giving us the resources for purchasing our new equipment. We would also like to thank our club officers for helping us put together the proposals.

In additional news, we are constantly watching the weather for a clear night to test our new equipment and we will be sending an e-mail or text message about the location and time of the meeting. If you would like to be on the list-serve, send an e-mail to to express your interest.


Clear Skies!!

Astronomy: The Moon








These pictures were taken with a 3.0 Megapixel camera by the Astronomy Project Group. In most of the pictures, the mountains and ridges can be easily seen along the edge of the moon. The green picture was taken using a filter which reduced the light, enabling us to take the picture.  Also, in this picture, many more craters can been seen that would normally not be seen given the lighting conditions. If you would like to be a part of future events, send an e-mail to

Observing Night – Oct. 25th, 2009




4 5




The Astronomy Project Group met on October 25th, 2009 on the rugby field in Ellicott Complex. The group was able to observe the Moon and Jupiter and its Galilean Moons. The pictures above were taken by holding a 3.0 megapixel camera up to an 8-inch Dobsonian provided by David Holewka. Two of the images appear green because the filter used was allowing only 1% of light through. Also, cloud cover adds some of the green effect to the image. The Astronomy Project Group will be having more observing events in the future. For questions or other information, e-mail with Astronomy in the subject line. 


1st trip to the Buffalo Astronomical Association Observatory





 The Astronomy Project Group took a trip to the Buffalo Astronomical Observatory in North Java, NY. The group met with some of the members of the BAA and learned a lot about the kind of equipment used at the Observatory. The Astronomy Prjoect Group also had its own telescope on hand and was able to observe the moon as well as Jupiter. Future collaborated events with the BAA are in progress.


Astronomy Meeting Thursday October 22

Hello everyone,
The Astronomy Project Group will be having its first meeting this Thursday October 22 in Jarvis 338 at 12:00pm We will be discussing upcoming observing nights, and future projects for Astronomy such as an observatory.
Hope to see everyone there,
Salman Iqbal
UB SEDS Astronomy

Astronomy Event This Saturday, October 3rd

Hello everyone,

This is a reminder to those who are interested in going to the Beaver Meadow Observatory this Saturday Oct. 3rd in North Java, NY for an observing event with the Buffalo Astronomical Association. We are planning to meet in front of the Student Union at 5:45pm Saturday afternoon and will be leaving by 6. The observatory houses a variety of telescopes and video imaging cameras along with slides, videotapes and telescope clinics. We will be bringing one of our own telescopes with us to the event and observing the skies with other members of the BAA. More information about the observatory can be found at their website :

If you are still interested in going, please send me an e-mail ASAP at with “BAA event” in the subject line.

-Salman Iqbal