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The UB SEDS rocketry project group designs, models, and constructs various types of rockets. The group is currently developing multi-stage rockets and integrated data acquisition systems such as altimeters, video recorders, and more.

Free Rocket Thursday at UB-SEDS

Its an exciting time for UB-SEDS! on Thursday 09/23/2010 we hosted Free Rocket Day as part of our Rocketry program to get more people involved with the exciting sport of Rocketry!  We had around 20 people build their own rockets on thursday, and several launched that Saturday, dispite the windy conditions.  We will have a video of the launch up shortly, but in the meantime, here are some pictures from the build.


Rocketry announces first succesful Fall’09 Launch

UBRocketry is proud to announce the first succesful launch of Fall 2009!

On Saturday, October 17th, Rocketry members set up and launched at our launch facilities in Elba, NY. Eight different models of rockets were launched, and there were 12 overall launches on the day. Rockets from “C” to “G” motor sizes were launched. There was no lost rockets, or significant damage during any of the launches! Member Carl Javier brought his camera and a “blast shield” to provide excellent footage!


Rocketry Pre-Halloween Launch meetings!

Howdy Rocketeers,
As you know, our second launch is fast approaching! It will be at our launch facilities in Elba, NY this Saturday, Halloween (Oct. 31st)! The time will be TBA (leaving campus between 12 and 1pm). We will be launching numerous home-made rocket grains, as well as some standard engines too! should be a blast!

Prep meetings this week will be as follows:
Wednesday- from 3:30-5pm.
Friday- from 2-4pm.

If anyone else wants to make a meeting time during another day, it can be arranged. Please let me know!
See you at the prep meetings!

Rocketry Launch Event October 10th


Just announcing that we will be hosting our first Rocketry launch of the semester the weekend of October 10-11th. This will take place at our rocket launch facilities (an onion farm) In Elba, NY. The launch will be either Saturday or Sunday, depending on the family weekend activities that UBSEDS may be required to attend. Expect to meet in the Jarvis Parking lot between 11am and noon, so we can drive/ride out to the site together.

Make sure to stop by Jarvis 338 to build a rocket to launch at this event. We are holding meetings Tuesdays from 3-5pm, and Wednesdays from 4-5pm before the SEDS general meetings.
Hope to see you there!


Rocketry Fall 2009 Kick off

Howdy Rocketeers,

UBRocketry will be holding its first meeting of the year on Wednesday, September 9th at 2:30pm. Meet in Jarvis 338. The schedule will be as follows:


2:30-4:30 —  Jarvis 338 Clean-up. Rocketry will be starting the year off by helping to prepare our future home. ~40hours of volunteering is needed to make this space usable, lets start some!

4:30-4:45 — Rocketry inventory/planning. Lets go through the rocketry closet, see what we have and see what we want to do. We’ll also talk about the major projects we want to complete this semester, as well as launch scheduling.

I hope to see you all there!

-Matt Cannella

Rocketry update!

Howdy Rocketeers!


As you know, our first launch of this semester was a great success, even though we had windy conditions.There is a video embedded below, and the rest can be seen on UBRocketry on youtube:



I hope all is going well and the semester is moving along nicely. Things here at UBRocketry are moving nicely, and many rockets are in cunstruction, and a new wireless launch system has been completed. This, along with our new launch pad, should make for an exciting launch. Speaking of which, mark your calendars, we are planning on having our launch the weekend of April 18th-19th, weather permitting.



Howdy Rocketeers,

Rocketry is alive and kicking, and gearing up for an excellent semester. As of tonight we have set the meeting times for Mondays, from 12-2pm. Also, to enable more people to get time in the Machine Shop, we are going to have “shop meetings” when needed on Fridays, from 12-4pm.

Furthermore, we are planning a spring semester kick-off launch on Feb. 7th! Come out to our launch field in Elba, NY. We should be getting SA Vans for this event and having pick-ups in the Furnas parking lot. More details will come for this.
Have a great semester everyone! Hope to see you at rocketry soon!


-Matt Cannella

Rocketry Captain

Rocketry Spring Simester Kick-Off

      Hey guys! Welcome back! I hope you all had nice breaks and had a happy new year. I was hoping we could schedule a meeting time for this semester soon, and have our first meeting either next week or during the last week of January. To this end I have created an online poll, so we can see which time-slots are best for everyone. This semester, I’d like to follow meeting schedules as follows:

  • 1 meeting a week (1.5~2 hour duration, sometimes more if launch is near) 
  • 1 meeting every 3 weeks during business hours, so we have access to the shop.

You can view the poll here:

I know that it has a specific week listed for the options, but please respond arbitrarily of the date (i.e: will this time slot work for you for the whole semester?)  I got some new rocketry supplies in over break, and we currently have 2 “G” engine’s to really get things going!

If you have any questions or concerns, let me know. Good luck with the beginning of classes!


Matt Cannella
University at Buffalo

UB Rocketry electing to send things sky high

UB Rocketry is proud to report the events of the first Fall ’08 launch.


It was a big launch for the rocketry group, being the first launch from our new launch facility (a nearby onion farm in Elba, NY). Also, it was UB Rocketry’s first 100% successful launch! There was a great turn-out with 9 people present, both rocketry members and non-rocketry members too. All in all 7 rockets took flight, ranging from “C” size motors up to a monsterous “G” motor. Here is a video of the launch of Ferris Bueller:



Special thanks to Matt, Paul and the Mortellaro family for letting us use their land and for a great time!

Look out for more updates, as Rocketry plans to have 1 more launch before the semesters end!